Norwegian annual report 2013

Share and Ownership Structure

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) since December 2003 under the ticker symbol NAS. At the end of 2013 the company had 35 162 139 shares at a nominal value NOK 0.10 outstanding. Market capitalization at the end of 2013 was MNOK 6,741, up from MNOK 5,060 the year before.

Ownership Structure

At the end of the year Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA had a total of 8 450 shareholders split between institutional and private investors. Overseas shareholders controlled 22 percent of the shares at year-end, compared to 23 percent at the beginning of the year.

Apart from Norway the largest shareholdings are in the United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland, the United States and Denmark, with a 8 percent, 3 percent, 3 percent, 2 percent and 1 percent share, respectively.

The Group’s “Employee Share Saving Plan” purchased 31,395 shares for the Group's employees.

New share options have been granted in 2013, under which a total of 625,000 share options have been granted to the management and to key personnel. The options have an exercise price 10% above the weighted average price on 20 March 2013 which is equal to NOK 231.20. The options granted may be exercised two years after the grant, and the exercise window is six months.

The company did not own any own shares at year end.



Name Shareholding
HBK Invest AS 27.02%
Folketrygdfondet 6.94%
Skagen vekst 4.12%
Skagen Kon-Tiki 2.84%
Verdipapirfondet DNB 2.31%
Danske Invest Norske 2.22%
Clearstream Banking 2.00%
J.P. Morgan Chase BA 1.97%
Danske Invest Norske 1.40%
Varma Mutual Pension 1.36%
Verdipapirfondet DNB 1.29%
KLP Aksje Norge VPF 1.11%
The Bank of New York 0.95%
DNB Livsforsikring A 0.94%
DNB Nor Bank ASA EGE 0.86%
Statoil Pensjon 0.82%
Deutsche Bank AG 0.75%
Kommunal Landspensjo 0.71%
Verdipapirfondet Han 0.71%
Skandinaviska Enskil 0.71%
Total shareholding 20 largest owners 61.02%

The Share

The share price at year-end was NOK 188.2, an increase of 31 percent since the end of 2012. The Norwegian share is included in the OBX Index which consists of the 25 most traded shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The average daily traded volume in 2013 was 423 493  shares, equivalent to an annual turnover ratio of 3.0.

  2013 2012

YOY Growth

Price at year end 188.20 143.90 31%
Average Price (simple) 231.38 103.57 123%
Average Price (weighted) 231.79 105.27 120%
Lowest Price 145.30 55.50 162%
Highest Price 315.90 152.00 108%
Annual Turnover 3.00 1.33 126%