Norwegian annual report 2013

Corporate Structure

The Norwegian Group consists of the parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA and its directly or indirectly fully-owned subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Singapore. In 2014, the Group reorganized its operations in several new entities, to ensure international growth and necessary traffic rights. A key consideration has been to build a structure which maintains Norwegian’s flexibility and adaptability despite growing size and entry into new markets in Europe and across continents. The Groups operations are separated into a commercial airline group with the appropriate AOC’s, an asset group, a resource group and other activities including brand and marketing. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (Norway)
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is the parent company of the group. The head office is at Fornebu outside Oslo  As at year end 2013, the Group included 25 fully or partially owned subsidiaries. In addition Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA owns 20 percent of Norwegian Finans Holding ASA (Bank Norwegian AS). 

Airline group
The Group´s commercial airline activities are organized in the parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, the fully owned subsidiaries Norwegian Long Haul AS and Norwegian Air Norway AS, based in Fornebu outside Oslo, and Norwegian Air International Ltd and Norwegian Asset Ltd., based in Dublin, Ireland.  As at December 31. 2013, Norwegian Long Haul AS include the Group´s operation of the long haul routes, Norwegian Air Norway AS operates routes from today’s Scandinavian bases, while Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA operates from other European bases.  At year-end 2013 the Group operated 10 Boeing 737-300s, 72 Boeing 737-800s and 3 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. On average 35 aircraft were based in Norway, 10 in Denmark, 13 in Sweden, five in Finland, seven in Spain and three in United Kingdom. At year-end three aircraft were inoperative due to maintenance.

Asset Group
The Group´s asset companies are organized in a group of subsidiaries, based in Dublin, Ireland, where Arctic Aviation Asset Ltd (previously September Aviation Assets Ltd) is parent company.  Subsidiary entities are Oslofjorden Ltd, Drammensfjorden Leasing Ltd , Geirangerfjorden Ltd, and Dy1 Aviation Ireland Ltd to Dy7 Aviation Ireland Ltd.  During 2013, the Group initiated the transfer of aircraft leases and ownership to several of the entities, a process that will continue into 2014.

Resource Group
In line with legal developments in Europe, fully owned country-specific resource companies are in the process of being established, with the intention of offering permanent local emplyment to hired pilots. As of year end 2013, the resource companies include Norwegian Air Resources Holding Ltd (Dublin, Ireland), Norwegian Air Resources International Ltd (Dublin, Ireland), Norwegian Air Resources Sweden AB (Stockholm, Sweden),  Norwegian Air Resources Denmark AB (Stockholm, Sweden), and Norwegian Air Resources Finland AB (Helsinki, Finland), in addition to Norwegian Air Shuttle Sweden AB (Stockholm, Sweden) and Norwegian Long Haul Singapore Ltd (Singapore).

Other Business areas
Norwegian Brand Ltd (Dublin, Ireland) was established in 2013, with the intention of maintaining the Groups brand and marketing activities.

Norwegian Cargo AS (Fornebu, Norway) was established in April 2013, and is carrying out the Groups commercial cargo activities. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has 65% ownership.

Norwegian Holidays AS (Fornebu, Norway) was established in 2013 and provides the new business area of Holiday packages to customers in the end market through the Group web booking.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Polska Sp.zo.o (Poland) is based in Warsaw, Poland. The company is under liquidation at 31 December 2013.

Call Norwegian AS (Norway)
There was no activity in the company at 31 December 2013

Norwegian Finans Holding ASA (Norway)
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA owns 20 percent of the shares in the online bank Bank Norwegian AS through the associated company Norwegian Finans Holding ASA. The airline’s loyalty program Norwegian Reward is run in cooperation with the bank.